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Sandie Banda successfully brought home

ARTISTS laying wreaths on Sandie’s Grave at Mutumbi Cemetery

FOLLOWING the death of actor, scriptwriter and director, Sandie Banda in South Africa, artists successfully united on social media to raise money to bring his body to Lusaka for burial.
The quotation of about R18,000 from South Africa seemed astronomical at first, but they successfully managed to bring the body and give Sandie the traditional artistic send-off at the Lusaka Playhouse before his burial at Mutumbi Cemetery last week Friday.
Artistes had set up a Facebook tribute page they named ‘MHRIEP Sandie Banda’ through which they co-ordinated their efforts to bring the body home.
At first, it looked like there will be little chance of Sandie’s body being brought home with the only option being for the South Africans authorities there to take care of the body because of the huge costs involved.
It would not have been the first time that someone, particularly an artiste would have been buried outside the country because of the costs involved in transporting the body home following death on foreign soil.
But the artistes refused to have Sandie buried in South Africa; and through Fred Chitangala’s account, they were able to collect contributions from artistes for repatriation of the body.
Go Centre, where Sandie used to fellowship, paid for a burial site at Mutumbi and contributed K2000 cash. Some of the contributions also came from artistes in the diaspora who learnt of the sudden death of Sandie in Cape Town.
Sandie was diagnosed with kidney failure but few of his friends knew as he seemed active especially on social media where he was always starting a conversation and had talked of coming back home after some years in South Africa.

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