Letter to the Editor

Salutations from Nairobi!

Dear editor,
Last week I talked about intellectual appreciation and cultivation as one of the cornerstones of progress.
I want to emphasise further, that intellectual pursuit and realisation is anchored on objectivity: things taken as they are not as one would wish or want them to be (subjectivity). This entails discipline or doing things because they are the right and correct thing to do, irrespective of one’s likes or otherwise.
I believe Africa is no longer a dark continent as knowledge through education and travel has done remarkable good.
Among many other factors, I feel our challenge now is more in the domain of discipline: need to do as we now know and especially when the right action doesn’t suit or contradicts our unproductive interests.
Not everything that tastes/looks good or bad, is so. Enjoy the week as you continue pursuing progress appropriately.

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