Salary talks still on – minister


MINISTER of Labour and Social Security Joyce Nonde-Simukoko says Government has not abandoned negotiations for salaries

and conditions of service for public service workers with the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).
She said negotiations are scheduled to start the first week of this month.
In a statement issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security yesterday, Mrs Nonde-Simukoko said the negotiations were still going on and all the parties knew when the process would resume.
She said the recent adjournment of the negotiation process was necessitated by the need to seek accurate information on the economic performance of the country, which is key in the discussions.
“Negotiations are on-going and all Government unions party to the bargaining unit are aware of the dates when the bargaining unit will resume,” said Mrs Nonde-Simukoko.
The minister was reacting to allegations that Government had abandoned the negotiating process.
Zambia’s biggest unions mother body, the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), recently gave Government an ultimatum to conclude the negotiations or face industrial action.
“The ministry therefore expects our partners to the process and especially mother bodies such as the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions to guide and mediate in the negotiating process of their affiliates and give the bargaining team space to conclude negotiations amicably,” she said.
Mrs Nonde-Simukoko said her ministry is looking forward to “an amicable conclusion of the negotiations which are set for the first week of July 2017”.

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