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Salary difference leads to divorce

A DIFFERENCE in a monthly salary has led to a divorce in a marriage of 25 years.
Before Chelstone senior court magistrate Bertha Zulu was Margaret Nyirenda, 45, of Lusaka’s Avondale area who sued Kenny Mtonga, 50, for divorce.
Nyirenda sued Mtonga for divorce because he had severally deserted their matrimonial home and was not providing support to the well-being of their five children.
Nyirenda told the court that Mtonga had a tendency of sleeping out whenever he was paid and would only come home to ask for forgiveness after his money was finished.
Mtonga married Nyirenda on January 1, 1990 and the two lived happily until 1996 when Mtonga started sleeping out.
“The habit of sleeping out started in 1996 and because he is my husband, he could always come

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