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How I said goodbye to poverty – entrepreneur

LIGHT has shone brighter on the rural people who now have access to electricity through the rural electrification projects.
Merit Habwacha, 34, who runs a tailoring shop at Four-ways market in Shimukuni area, Chibombo district, thinks that his investment into one electric sawing machine and two non-electric-powered sawing machines, is the best investment he ever made.
Mr Habwacha said the investment has moved his family out of poverty because after the area was connected to the national electricity grid, it enabled him to acquire an electric sawing machine which has boosted his weaving and tailoring business.
“In a month when business is good, I make about K3,000. Out of these sales, I have acquired two residential plots in Chibombo and have started constructing a house. I have further cultivated three hectares of land this season where I have planted maize and soya beans. I am expecting a high yield because I was able to buy all the farming inputs I required,” Mr Habwacha said.