Russian scholarships making difference

THE death of his parents dimmed Harold Mabula’s hope of completing school, let alone attaining tertiary education.
Today, Mr Mabula, 37, is a lawyer, thanks to the Russian government-aided scholarships for deserving young Zambia.
When he lost both his parents while he was a little boy, his future looked bleak as far as his academic path was concerned.
Though supported by relatives and other well-wishers, Mr Mabula struggled through his primary and secondary education journey, but somehow managed to complete school.
Uncertain about where help would come from for his tertiary education, he opted to enroll for a Russian language course at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Lusaka.
By stroke of good luck, in 2003 Mr Mabula was awarded a full scholarship to study law in Russia through Russian Centre for Science and Culture. He then proceeded to Voronezh in Russian where he obtained a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from Voronezh State University.
“The Russian education system is such that there is a very good balance of theory and practice between your learning curriculums. The whole aspect of learning the language first helped me understand their culture,” says Mr Mabula, an administrative and CLICK TO READ MORE

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