Rural women discuss agricultural policies

WOMEN farmers during a meeting on how to improve production and respond to climate change. PICTURE: PELUM

WITH an estimated 87 percent of Zambian rural women engaging in agriculture as a source of livelihood, it is expected that policies that favour their productivity should be formulated.
This is to ensure that their involvement in agriculture will not only reflect in number, but also, in national development and food security.
The 87 percent rural women involved in agriculture are among the small and medium scale farmers expected to make a contribution of 95 percent or 1,893,845 metric tonnes to the total national maize production, which is 2,004,389.
However, despite that, the small and medium-scale farmers are expected to make a contribution to national production, the percentage of women farmers who reside in the rural areas will make very little impact because of their inability to compete favourably.
This is because women farmers are faced with many challenges ranging from unfavourable policies to natural occurrences that affect their productivity.

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