Rupiah Banda advises Government on plastics


NANCY MWAPE, Mahé, Seychelles
FORMER President Rupiah Banda has advised Government to ban the use of plastic bags and bottles to prevent generation of litter and beautify the country.

Mr Banda, who is here for a three-day Trade and Development Bank governors’ forum, held a closed door meeting with the Seychelles President Danny Faure, at state house, on Thursday.
In an interview, Mr Banda described the meeting as fruitful, adding that as a country, Zambia could learn one or two things from Seychelles.
“The country is run on very strict rules. People observe very high hygiene standards and do not litter the environment. Seychelles has plenty of fish but you cannot find any flies around, or plastic bags and bottles thrown everywhere.”
“Banning the use of plastics is something that we can do as a country because it just litters the nation,” he said.
Mr Banda said during the meeting with President Faure, he also learnt how he balances running the country’s political affairs to promote unity.
“The President has a day when he receives letters from the public and responds to them. Every Tuesday, he meets members of the public, tours the country, but off course, it’s a small country.”
“But in Zambia, when the President tries to visit parts of the country, or travel abroad, people complain that he travels too much,” he said.
And Mr Banda said there is need for integrated policies to redistribute gains from economic growth to address poverty.
He said the Zambian economy is growing but the rate is not enough to address poverty and unemployment levels.
“Once the economy does not perform well, the impact is felt much by the youths who account for the majority population but with the recovery in copper prices, the economy is improving.”
“There is need to maintain peace and unity in the country among our people, things do improve, we know many countries in the world that were far worse than ourselves but because they united, today they are big economies,” he said.

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