Running with the President

PRESIDENT Lungu (light blue T-shirt) jogging along Umodzi road in Chipata recently. PICTURE: DARLINGTON MWENDABAI

PERHAPS one of today’s most trending topics in Lusaka, if not the country, is the one on the early morning workouts led by Zambia’s President, Edgar Lungu.
A good number of individuals of various standing in society have by now had an opportunity to be part of the ‘Presidential Keep Fit Runs’, which are held twice a week.
It would be usual to assume, on first instance, that these are probably just some of those casual exercises taken by the affluent or the bourgeoisie where no form of vigorous activity is entertained.
You would even be inclined to conclude that the intensity of the workouts should be reduced to even lower levels, particularly for the reason that it involves the Head of State.
I mean, who would want to subject the entire President to some activity that would leave him panting and sweating.
This is not a sight we can easily want to imagine.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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