Letter to the Editor

RTSA, Zambia Police should up their game

Dear editor,
THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), together with its partner, the Zambia Police Service, should devise a strategy of monitoring vehicles with defects or without road tax and insurance.
Manning blocks is good but it is too routine because motorists with defective vehicles or have no licences, insurance and road tax evade easily.
The two agencies should be meeting regularly to revise the strategies they are using and plan for new ones.
For instance, there are a number of pirate taxis which are defective while its drivers have no licences.
Instead of waiting to mount roadblocks, RTSA and Zambia Police should map where these pirate taxis are found and raid them.
There are also pirate taxis that operate at night only known as ‘kazizi’ or owls.
These usually park at bars and nightclubs.
RTSA and traffic police should follow them there so that they help restore sanity on our roads.

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