Rough road to Ngabwe district

NGABWE District Commissioner Willard Rundare (third left) with other council officers after a planning meeting at Iwonde Primary School.

NGABWE district, 145 kilometres from Kabwe deep in Central Province, could easily be accessible if only the main road is done. It has a population of 41,000 people.
Like in times past when the Great North Road from Kapiri Mposhi leading to Nakonde was punctuated with potholes thereby earning the moniker ‘hell run’, Ngabwe road today can also be described as such.
It is a journey that could take about two hours from Kabwe’s central business district, but drivers are slowed down to not more than 40 kilometres per hour, thereby taking almost six hours to get through.
On a tour of duty, this reporter found himself navigating his way to the new district to go and appreciate new developments that are shaping up in Ngabwe.

MUKUBWE Hospital, which is ready for operations.

Forty-one kilometres into this road joining in from Mukobeko Maximum Prison, I found myself at Mpunde. It is a place with countable shops on the left and the prestigious Mpunde Girls Boarding School run by the Catholics on the right.
I could not be accommodated at the school’s guest house, not because there was no space but that the guard who should have attended to me was nowhere in sight.
Boniface Mutali, a science and information communications technology teacher, took me in by offering his bedroom at his modest school house he shares with his business teacher colleague.
“There is no problem, sir, you can come and spend a night at my place. It is a home of two bachelors, so you will feel like you are at CLICK TO READ MORE

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