Roads cheer chief Ndungu

SENIOR Chief Ndungu of Zambezi district has commended Government for its commitment to improving roads on the Zambezi west bank.
Chief Ndungu said he is happy that Government has engaged the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to work on feeder roads on the west bank.
The traditional leader said in an interview yesterday that ZNS has started mobilising equipment in readiness for the road rehabilitation exercise.
“The ZNS people have come and for now they are on the east bank, that is where they have set up camp because the pontoon is being worked on to enable the transportation of the equipment to the west bank,” he said.
Chief Ndungu said most roads on the Zambezi west bank are in a deplorable state.
He said the bad state of the roads has affected the ongoing mobile issuance of national registration cards (NRCs) in the area as most places cannot be accessed by road by the officers conducting the exercise.
He, however, commended the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for extending the voter registration exercise as this will help facilitate registration of more eligible voters who will acquire NRCs in the area.
Zambezi district commissioner Catherine Mukuma said in a separate interview that the district has started receiving road construction equipment for the rehabilitation of feeder roads in Zambezi west.
Ms Mukuma said ZNS has delivered earthmoving equipment to the area and works are expected to start soon once the equipment is moved to the west bank.
She said the scope of works will include construction and rehabilitation of feeder roads and bridges in the area.
Ms Mukuma said the project will help open up the west bank to more economic activities.

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