Road trip that ended in love affair

GENERAL Benjamin Mibenge and his wife Joyce during the couple’s golden jubilee. PICTURE: MACKSON WASAMUNU

How we met:
BENJAMIN and Joyce got on a jolly road trip with friends in a battered Peugeot 403 back in 1964. That road trip would lead into a love affair and marriage that has lasted half a century.
Back then, Benjamin was a young army officer recently graduated from the prestigious Royal Mil i tary Academy Sandhurst in the UK, and Joyce had just qualified as a teacher.
Benjamin would later rise through the ranks to become General Benjamin Mibenge (one of only three full generals in Zambia’s history). He once served as head of the military under President Kenneth Kaunda.
Fifty years later, Gen. Mibenge and Joyce are enjoying their retirement – the general retired in 1980 – and still enjoying each other’s company.
But when Joyce first met the young army officer, she did not think anything would happen between them, because he did not even seem to notice her as she sat in the backseat of the 403 back in 1966.

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