Letter to the Editor

Road patching for concrete pre-mix firms

Dear editor,
IT IS gratifying that Government has engaged Nyatsi, a construction company, to patch up potholes and craters on the Kafue-Mazabuka road.
However, the pace at which Nyatsi is working on the road is rather slow. Nyatsi should step up its work rate because it may take them almost the whole year to finish the job.
My advice to Nyatsi is to engage communities living along the road to help in the patching exercise. Local people can do the job if only they could be guided and supervised.
By the way, why did the Road Development Agency settle for a construction company for such a job instead of giving it to firms that make concrete pre-mix because they are best suited for such jobs?
Pre-mix companies are complaining about lack of opportunities, yet Government has come up with a policy of giving local contractors 20 percent of the contracts in the construction sector.

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