Road construction changing the face of Lusaka


TODAY as I drove around the city of Lusaka I came to realise that I had passed through more detours than usual.
That’s when it sank in me that actually the Lusaka decongestion project has already started.
After this realisation, my mind quickly became aware of what was going on around. I saw excavators and other road construction equipment throughout my way.
From what I saw, the construction has been going on for some time now as some parts of the road have already been tarred. This made me to ask myself why I had not seen all this going on despite using these same routes almost every day.
Well, I guess I am not the only Lusaka resident who has not been able to see what is going on around our city. The truth is that, as a people, we seem to be very busy trying to make ends meet to the extent that we can hardly see what is going on around us. On the other hand, smartphones have also changed our focus as we walk and commute around the city. It is now a very common occurrence to board a bus and find that everyone is busy on their phone and the only time they look up to see around is when they are told that they have reached their destination by the conductor. This makes us hardly see and appreciate what is going on in our communities and environments.
The truth of the matter is that our city, Lusaka, is changing, and it is changing very fast.
A friend of mine who lives in some compound was just telling me about how he woke up one day and found that there was a tarmac right in front of his house. He got so worried that he thought he was only dreaming and he would find the usual dust road when he woke up eventually. To his surprise, the road was real.
Well folks, the Lusaka L400 project is now going into its third phase, and as we talk many urban roads have been done and many more are earmarked to be done. In addition, the Lusaka decongestion project has also started and several roads around Lusaka are already under construction.
My question folks is, who ever thought that Lusaka would be shining with tarmac roads which have drainages and paved walkways alongside them within such a short space of time? To many of us who have been around for some time now, this is a dream come true, our city is now shining as one of the fastest developing cities in Africa.
As an ordinary resident of Lusaka, my desire has always been to live in a sustainable, beautiful, green, harmonious and economic vibrant city. To see my city scoring in anyone of these goals makes me very excited. Therefore, as residents we need to stop for a moment and pay attention to what is going on around us. The construction of all major roads in Lusaka through the L400 project and the Lusaka decongestion project is indeed a very big milestone in as far as the development of the city is concerned. Firstly, the improved road network will help decongest our roads, which will drastically reduce how much time we spend driving around the city. The fact is that the congestion on our roads eats into our productive time. Apart from losses in man-hours, we also lose in fuel costs as we end up burning more fuel when we get stuck in traffic. The congestion also reduces the lifespan of the roads, as the slower a vehicle moves the more weight it exerts on the roads surface. Getting stuck in traffic also has a psychological effect on the motorist, which may lead to road rage and a frustrated populace.
So folks, next time as we walk, drive, or commute around the city, let us pay attention to the developments that are going on around. Lusaka roads are destined to be the best in the region.
The author is an entrepreneur.

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