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Ritual killers’ days are numbered

REVELATIONS by President Lungu that police in Lusaka have arrested four people that have been killing people in George and Zingalume townships in connection with ritual murders is good news.
President Lungu said the people that were caught had private and other body parts of the people that have been murdered in the recent past in Lusaka.
We are happy with the President’s affirmation that he will not allow people to be murdered in a country that is a Christian nation and called on the Church to continue praying for the country before, during and after this year’s general elections.
Addressing congregants at Blessed Hope Church in Chipata yesterday where he attended the church service, President Lungu has since prodded the Zambia Police Service to complete their investigations so that perpetrators of the vice can be quickly dealt with.
The nation has of late been gravely alarmed by the heinous killings of innocent people by savages who are after their precious body parts.
The murder in Lusaka of eight people to date has yet again highlighted the reality of ritual killing – a horrifying way of ending one’s life.
On Saturday, another man was discovered murdered with his heart, sexual organ and ears surgically removed in Lusaka’s George Township, around which area seven other killings have occurred in the last few weeks.
The Saturday killing comes hardly a week after Inspector-General of Police Kakoma Kanganja toured the affected townships and assured the residents of protection.
If the murder of Anthony Mwaba, a 30-year-old hawker of George township was to dare Mr Kanganja and his men – that the assurance did not hold water – then the arrest of the suspected ritual killers has vindicated the IG.
The bizarre killings in George Township point to human sacrifice.
Senseless killers are targeting human parts – heart, sexual organs, and eyes.
The murdering of people for rituals is a serious concern because Zambians are not known for ritual killings.
We are aware that poverty levels in the country are very high and desperate individuals can easily be swayed into ritual killing for selfish purposes of making money.
There is a popular belief – right or wrong – that a business carried out using human blood or a human body triggers wealth.
But there is no basis for this belief other than satanism.
Police have staked a K50,000 bounty for information or clues leading to the arrest of the ritual killers.
We suspect business people eager to get rich quickly who consult witch doctors to be responsible for the mayhem which has unsettled people.
We also suspect miracle-seeking pastors who need magical powers to be responsible for this spate of killings linked to sacrifices.
Foreigners from countries that practise ritual killings could also be behind the cases of mutilation of bodies for body parts.
The IG’s visit to the area last week is a commitment by the Police to bring the culprits to book.
We therefore urge residents in the affected areas to work jointly with the police in curbing this criminal activity.
It does not augur well for the residents to be attacking police stations or officers each time such gruesome murders occur.
Instead, they should brainstorm with law enforcement officers on the best way of finding the ritual killers.
Police will succeed in their work when citizens cooperate for a win-win situation.
Police do not operate in isolation. They are there to protect people and will do everything to fulfil their mandate.
Rather than stoning police stations, we expect the residents to be vigilant and be on the lookout for people they suspect to be ritual killers.
Stoning police stations will only distract both the police and residents from achieving their goal of finding the culprits.
Some of the stone throwers or those pretending to be more agitated than others may be working with the ritual killers.
The ritual killers are right in the communities where the residents live. They sleep, eat and drink with them.
The best residents could do is to form neighbourhood watch committees and partner police in combating crime.
Residents should volunteer to join police investigating these killings and report all the suspects to law enforcement agencies.
The horrifying discoveries should encourage men and women to rise – not against the police – but against the criminality, and work day and night to find these senseless killers who have now restrained people’s freedom of movement, especially in the evening.
Citizens should also invest in prayer so that God can expose the evil-doers.
The time and energy some citizens are using to stone or burn police stations could be used to hold vigils in honour of the victims and ask God for protection.
United we stand, divided we fail.
Let us work together to nip ritual killers in the bud.

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