Reuniting with long-lost dad against odds

WHY do some people block their ex-lovers from having access to the children born between them?
In an ideal situation, children shouldn’t suffer for unresolved differences between their parents who have gone separate ways over issues they have no part in. But not every divorcee or jilted lover thinks that way. After a heart-rending break-up, many people want their ex-lovers to have nothing to do with a child or children born between them. As a result of this, some children grow up with the pain of not knowing one set of parents (father or mother) because the very people that ought to help them unravel the jigsaw puzzle vow to block the desired reunion.
Bent on settling old scores, the idea by many aggrieved ex-lovers is to punish and deprive their former lover, but in the real sense, they end up hurting their own children. As a matter of fact, some men are not welcome at their ex-in-laws’ to see their children because of mistakes and differences of the past. Well, from my inbox, a reader I will call Max for convenience shares about one of the most joyous moments of his life – reuniting with a father he had never seen before. This is one man who for over 40 years has lived knowing only his CLICK TO READ MORE

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