‘Report cops mounting roadblocks’

Traffic police

MOTORISTS should take note of the name and man number of police officers who mount roadblocks and report them to relevant authorities because Government is yet to lift the ban.
Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu says he has received complaints from people about some officers who are allegedly defying his directive not to set up roadblocks.
In September last year, Mr Mwiimbu directed police officers to stop mounting roadblocks, which were allegedly being used to syphon money from motorists.
The minister said only security checkpoints would be maintained to stop lawlessness on the roads and to minimise road traffic accidents.
However, some members of the public have in recent weeks taken to social media and other platforms posting photos and video clips of police officer mounting roadblocks.
In an interview yesterday, Mr Mwiimbu advised motorists and other road users to take note of the man number and CLICK TO READ MORE

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