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Report child abuse perpetrators, says DC

PROFILE - CHILDREN from Great North Academy showcase their dancing skill during the Youth Day in Livingstone.

KAFUE district commissioner Ngoni Moyo has called on Kafue residents to protect children’s rights by reporting perpetrators of child abuse.
Mr Ngoni said Government is doing everything possible to ensure that children’s rights are protected as evidenced by the formulation of laws and policies to end child marriages and gender-based violence.
Speaking during the commemoration of ‘The Day of African Child’ celebrations in Shimabala area recently, Mr Ngoni said the harmonisation of customary and statutory laws will contribute to the strengthening the position of children especially the vulnerable girls and boys.
This year’s Day of African Child celebrations were held under the theme ‘children’s rights protection is our collective responsibility’ and were held under the auspices of World Vision.
“I would like to call upon you all to partner with Government in ensuring that the children’s rights are protected by reporting all child abusers for appropriate action to be taken,” he said.
And World Vision team leader Euphrasia Nzima said the works being done by the organisation are evident and have contributed to the wellbeing of children in the district.
Ms Nzima said the school performance of children in the district has improved because the volunteers working with world vision are there for the children.
Meanwhile, Grade nine pupil Rosemary Nyika of Hetty Denen appealed to Government to build toilets at the school.
Rosemary also said Government should further build home economics room and a laboratory.

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