‘Report abusive partners without hesitation’

MARRIED couples have been urged to report abusive spouses to the police or elders without hesitation to prevent a spate of spouse

murders experiencing.
Police assistant public relations officer Nephas Chifuta says any person who is threatened with abuse or beating by their spouse should immediately report the matter to the police.
Mr Chifuta said when he featured on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation television Morning Live programme on Tuesday that people who threaten violence are likely to turn violent against their partners.
He said this in the wake of increased cases of suicide and spouse killings that have rocked the country.
“When you are threatened with being slapped by your spouse, don’t ignore because tomorrow the slap will degenerate into stabbing.
“No matter how trivial a threat against your life is, don’t hesitate to report it to the police so that we can intervene early enough to prevent a tragedy,” Mr Chifuta said.
He said police are also empowered to confiscate firearms if someone uses them to threaten others.
And Mr Chifuta urged members of the public to report to the police people who threaten to commit suicide.
“If you see someone writing on social media that they want to take their own life, kindly alert the police so that they can intervene,” he said.

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