Letter to the Editor

Remove illegal bran market near airport

Dear editor,
KINDLY allow me space in your paper to air concerns over trading areas in Zambia.
It has become common for individuals to be engaged in various businesses in United Nations designated places and the Chongwe District Council seems to pay a blind eye until enough damage has been done.
I am referring to a trading area near the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport turn-off in Lusaka, where traders have set up an illegal market for maize bran.
These men and women spend nights at this place with no running water let alone a toilet and the council seems to ignore this.
Lately, some make-shift toilets are being erected and the population appears to be increasing rapidly.
Later on, I am afraid these traders may start building permanent structures and I am sure that’s when we will see the council trying to demolish the structures at midnight.
May the Chongwe council tell us what it is waiting for, or is it that the area I am talking about is a legal market?
I am pretty sure these men and women are trading freely using government land without paying a single coin to the council in form of tax or levy.
The time to act is now. They say “a stitch in time saves nine”.

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