Letter to the Editor

Remembering Michael Chilufya Sata, 4 years on

Dear editor,
ON THIS day four years ago, Zambia lost one of its greatest gallant sons in the name of Michael Chilufya Sata, the fifth President of Zambia who died barely two years after ascending to the highest office of our republic.
On face value, he looked like an aggressive and offensive person. No wonder he was nicknamed “King Cobra”! Yet, he was a gentle, loving and kind person, with a rare unwavering spirit of comradeship.
I always miss his articulation of issues; his courage and adventure to achieve his objectives against all odds.
I also miss him for his love of humour, in particular, towards the Easterners. He never spared any opportune moment to tease his prime target, former republican President Rupiah Banda.
Despite the numbing rumble of daily life, he did strive for peace. He made peace with former republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. He made peace with late republican President Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. And he made peace with the late President of Malawi Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika, among others.
I miss him too for his love to honour freedom fighters. A nation without the past is a lost nation. It is a nation without the present or indeed the future.
I also miss him for his endurance and selflessness. Towards the end, even in severe pain, he still put in his best to achieve his objective of creating a better Zambia. In this regard, I affectionately remember his final address to Parliament just one month before he died. That was a rare feat.
In summary, I strongly believe that these qualities represent love, patience, perseverance, endurance and selflessness. And he used these abilities creatively.
For this, I will always remember this one great son of mother Zambia.
May his soul continue resting in eternal peace!

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