‘Embrace extended family system’

A FORMER street kid Emelda Mumba has implored families to embrace extended family system to prevent orphaned and vulnerable children from going to the streets.
Ms Mumba is revered from the Interdenominational Council for Christian Fellowship of Zambia said the increase in street and orphaned children is looming because there is no promotion of extended family system.
“I’m a victim of victimisation by some extended family members. Let us promote the extended family system so that even the homeless can find shelter, education and food,” she said.
Ms Mumba, who is also an advocate for vulnerable women and children, said children are the country’s future leaders hence the need for all stakeholders to embrace them.
She wondered what would become of the country’s future if children are allowed to grow up on the streets.
“You can imagine what type of future leaders the country will produce if these children on the streets continue to be rejected by their extended families,” Ms Mumba said passionately.
And Interdenominational Council for Christian Fellowship of Zambia member Royd Siame called for Government and community support towards the vulnerable in society if poverty levels were to be reduced.
He said the church alone cannot manage uplifting people’s living standards hence the need for concerted efforts.
He also bemoaned increased number of young single mothers who are raising up to eight children on their own.
“There are a lot of issues in communities especially on single mothers. You will find that this young mother has so many children, widowed or divorced and out of employment,” he said.
Pastor Siame said the church has partnered with the ministry of education to see how children especially girl children born from such mothers can be educated.

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