Remain impartial,judges urged


JUDGES should be impartial and exhibit utmost integrity in the execution of their duties as the country goes to the polls on August 12 when political
stakeholders will seek various forms of judicial relief.President Edgar Lungu says the role of the Judiciary,particularly this year when there are general elections,
will be critical because most political players and stakeholders will be rushing to court for reprieve.“This, therefore, calls for you members of the bench
to exercise impartiality and high levels of integrity in the discharge of your duties,” the head of State said.He was speaking at State House yesterday when he
swore in seven judges of the three higher courts.They include one Supreme Court judge,three Constitutional Court adjudicators, and three for the
Court of Appeal.President Lungu said since most political players and other stakeholders will seek different forms of court relief during the
election period, it is imperative for the Judiciary to remain morally upright.Justice Fulgency Chisanga was sworn in as Supreme Court judge, justices Mwila Chitabo,
Mathew Chisunka and Judy Mulongoti as Constitutional Court juries, with Anessie Banda, Nicola Sharpe-Phiri and Kelvin Muzenga as judges of
the Court of Appeal.“I am glad that the appointments to these courts are fair in gender balancing.This is a clear demonstration that my government recognises
the positive contributions women in the Judiciary are making in CLICK TO READ MORE

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