Rejoice on Christmas Day, say Catholic Bishops

THE Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) has urged Zambians to consider Christmas as a time to rejoice because it marks the end of spiritual slavery to sin and marks the dawn of salvation.
This is contained in a Christmas message to the nation by the Catholic Bishops issued yesterday by ZCCB communications secretary Father Winfield Kunda.
Fr Kunda said Christmas is a time to recall the historic moment of incarnation and celebrate it as the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
He said Christmas is a time to celebrate God’s love which God the Father demonstrated by sending his Son, as stated in Romans 8:3.
Fr Kunda said Jesus was born like a human being but remained God as Scripture attests in John 1:13-14.
“Jesus lived like us, though without sin. He experienced our human nature. This demonstrates that God is able to love us despite our human frailty. He has glorified our humanity by becoming like one of us.
“We human beings have always been striving for self-preservation and progression. From the time humanity failed, we have looked up to God for help and grace. And God who never fails always comes to help us,” Fr Kunda said.
He said the angel’s Christmas message to the shepherds as written in Luke 2:11 is still relevant to all faithful as it is also a message of hope.
“Jesus Christ at his birth is proclaimed the King of Peace and Wonderful Counsellor (Isaiah 9:5). This is what we are celebrating at Christmas. However, it is with great regret that Zambia lately has been experiencing situations that do not promote peace. For instance, many persons continue to experience gender related violence,” Fr Kunda said.
He said this is despite the main interventions that have been put in place and that this is one of the major challenges affecting many families.
Fr Kunda said it is the prayer of the ZCCB to witness the gift of peace that Jesus brought at Christmas permeating all the spheres of human life, especially the family.
“We also want to urge motorists and all other road users to exercise caution during this festive season. The Christian celebration should be that of life- giving and not a time to grieve for the loss of one life due to the recklessness by some drivers on our roads. Christ came so that our lives can be preserved.
He said this is as espoused in John 10:10.
“We hope the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) and police will do their best to remove from our roads all those drivers who will be a danger.
“The festive season is also a time for family reunion. It is the time to celebrate together the birth of our Lord Jesus recalling he was born in a family of his mother Mary and Joseph his foster father,” he said.

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