‘Reject regional politics’

President Lungu and First Lady Esther Lungu on arrival at Leons Hotel in Choma during a tour of Southern Province on Tuesday, January 19,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

TEDDY KUYELA, Chikankata
PRESIDENT Lungu has urged the people of Southern Province to stop wasting their time listening to opposition political leaders who are championing tribal and regional politics.
President Lungu said people in the region should understand that no-one can make it to the Presidency if he or she is only supported in one region.
The head of State said this when he addressed hundreds of people who welcomed him after inspecting the construction works of the newly created Chikankata district administration block and housing units.
“It is sad that some people think that they can become a President of Zambia if they are only supported in one region. Zambia is a big country and you can only make it as a President when you agree with all the people.
“Whether you are Nsenga, Kaonde, Tonga, Bemba or Ila, you cannot make it as a President unless you agree with all the people. I won the January 20, 2015 presidential election because I agreed with the people of Zambia. Don’t be cheated that one person or region can form Government,” President Lungu said.
He also reiterated the need for all Zambians to work together to foster national development.
President Lungu said all well-meaning Zambians should stop entertaining politicians who are only bent on promoting politics o
“The PF is not interested in politics of tribalism or hate speech but we are interested in taking development as close as possible to the people. We don’t want violence in the run-up to this year’s elections,” he said.
President Lungu also said he assented to the Constitution Amendment Bill No 17 of 2015 because he wants people who believe in tribalism to come out of self-belief.
“We want people to come out of self-belief and people should not get worried about the 50 percent plus one winning vote or Presidential running mate because there are a lot of people who can be appointed running mates,” he said.
He called for unity of purpose among Zambians to promote peace and unity in the country.
President Lungu said Zambians should work together if the country is to attain the objectives it has set out for itself.
“We need to work together for the sake of development. Don’t be cheated that a group of people can effect change of government and that is why we need to be united by working together regardless of our tribes.
“All tribes have bad and good people and the good people are the ones that the PF is ready to work with and that is what we have demonstrated. We are working with Dawson Kafwaya (North-Western Province minister), Richwell Siamunene (Minister of Defence) and Poniso Njeulu (Western Province minister) from the UPND and that is because we believe we need to work together,” President Lungu said.
He also warned PF members against discriminating against newcomers and emphasised the need to accommodate new members because the ruling party has an open door policy for all those who want to join.
“If you are a member of the PF, please emulate me with regard to how I treat other people. You may have been in the party for a long time while others may have just joined, but it does not matter. If you don’t want to emulate me, please get out because the PF is bigger than anyone of us and Zambia is bigger than the PF,” President Lungu said.
He also said it is sad that some people want to go to State House to amass wealth at the expense of the suffering Zambians.
“Some people are saying that they live well more than the President. If they have money, why are they failing to help the people by building clinics or schools?” President Lungu asked.
Meanwhile, Southern Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu said the people of Southern Province are happy with the unprecedented development that the PF administration is delivering to the region.
“The people are happy that they are receiving massive development under the PF government and we are happy that today [yesterday] you have decided to come by road to check on the development projects,” Mr Mubukwanu said.
He also said Government will spend over K85 million on the construction of the new Chikankata administration block and staff housing units.
Earlier, Chief Naluwama of Chikankata district said traditional leaders in the province will continue to work with the government of the day because that is the only way that Zambia can attain meaningful development.
He said President Lungu should ignore the people who are alleging that he is not welcome in the province because he was chosen by all Zambians.
Meanwhile, business came to a stand-still in Mazabuka town yesterday when President Lungu’s motorcade drove through.
Residents lined up the streets and chanted slogans in support of President Lungu while others were heard shouting that he is the only man capable of developing the country.
People lined up the road from Mazabuka central business district through to Nakambala Sugar Estate in a bid to catch a glimpse at the head of State.
Earlier, President Lungu made a stop-over at Turnpike on the outskirts of Kafue, where he chatted with various beef traders.
The President is accompanied by First Lady Esther, Mr Siamunene and other senior government officials.

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