Recycling good for economic growth

SOME of the Nvumabaranda Public Health Services staff cleaning in Kalumbila, Solwezi. Picture right, a Nvumabaranda Public Health Services truck-load of sacks used to carry waste.

IN ZAMBIA, solid waste management is a major developmental challenge with serious consequences for environmental quality, public health, fisheries, agriculture, and sustainable development.
Experts say the country lacks the resources, infrastructure, skills and expertise necessary to tackle the amount and complexity of solid waste being produced.
Population growth, urbanisation and new consumption methods like the use of plastic bags and bottles exacerbate waste production countrywide.
Challenges notwithstanding, solid waste could also be an engine for economic growth.
Recycling, employment and innovative products could create new opportunities that can contribute to the country’s economy.
And Kennedy Nduna 38, a former public health officer in the Ministry of Health saw a gap in public health as a business.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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