Letter to the Editor

Recruited teachers should work hard and follow code of conduct

Dear editor,
THE Government through the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has this year recruited 2009 teachers from 27,439 applicants across the country.
The number of recruited teachers represents 7 percent.
However, the recruitment exercise was decentralised; meaning that teachers had to apply in their respective districts.
This ensured transparency in the recruitment exercise. For those who applied in more than one district were disqualified.
The majority of recruited teachers were female.
During this year’s recruitment exercise, 1,265 female teachers and 744 male teachers have been employed.
People living with disabilities were not left out in the recruitment exercise as 74 of them have been employed. The TSC received 54 applications with fake Grade Twelve results.
The Government is fully committed to promoting gender parity by employing more female teachers and the male counterparts.
This should, however, be replicated in other government institutions including the private sector.
I implore the newly-recruited teachers to work very hard in executing their duties and they should also adhere to the teaching code of conduct.
It was not easy to be among the successful candidates, looking at the high volume of applications received.
All said and done, I wish all the best to the newly-recruited teachers as they undertake their tasks in different districts. The country is currently grappling with a deficit of more than 5,000 teachers.

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