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Reactions: Don’t ignore that inner voice

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
FOLLOWING last week’s article, ‘Don’t ignore that inner voice’, I received some feedback. The article was about a young woman who was about to get married, only to learn at the eleventh hour that the man was actually already married. He took her to his place on three occasions and since she did not see any traces of a woman’s touch in the house, she was convinced that he was a single man. Below are some of the reactions:
Dear Doris,
I enjoyed your write-up, ‘Don’t ignore that inner voice’. It was a short story that I enjoyed reading. Please keep it up.
Hello madam Kasote,
The problem most women have is that once they get to a certain age, they begin to panic about finding a life partner. In some cases, women end up in wrong relationships or find themselves entangled as was the case with the woman you wrote about.
Because of desperation, some women turn a blind eye to the obvious realities that are right before their eyes. Men see this desperation and capitalise on it.
Hello Doris,
As a man, I have seen how some elderly men in clubs are ready to be hired to go and play the part of family to would-be in-laws. Your story brought out issues that happen in our everyday life. A morally upright family cannot agree to go and present marriage proposals to a woman’s family, knowing fully well that the man in question is already a married man.
In your story, I have no doubt that the man hired a group of elderly men to represent him to take the bride price. People are so desperate for money that they are ready to even do wrong things.
Dear Doris,
I can relate to the story dated August 7, 2019, under the headline ‘Don’t ignore that inner voice’. I dated a man for three years, little did I know he was a married man. I did frequent an apartment, which I later learnt belonged to his cousin. I was bitter towards both him and the cousin for having led me on for years. It took one of his friends to tell me the truth.
Dear Doris,
The cause of such actions by men is that women push them against the wall and for the sake of peace, they play along and end up lying to the women. It is sad what happened to that woman. Women should realise that marriage is from God and when God blesses you, no one can take that blessing from you.
Until next week, let’s keep in touch.

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