Re-profile Chinese debt, experts urge State

GOVERNMENT has been urged to re-profile the portfolio of Chinese loans that account for 30 percent of the US$9.1 billion total external debt.
Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) public finance senior research fellow Shebo Nalishebo said there is need to actualise the talk of restructuring Chinese loans.
“Thirty percent of the stated external debt is held by the Chinese, hence the need to re-profile if we cannot restructure.
“Re-profiling is similar to rescheduling, with the time for repayment being extended but the value of the debt not being marked down,” Mr Nalishebo said during a presentation of the China debt study report commissioned by the Centre for Trade Policy and Dialogue (CTPD).
He said Government has made significant strides towards fiscal consolidation with reforms aimed at

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