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RB offers to restore MMD harmony

FORMER President Rupiah Banda says he is ready to meet with MMD president Nevers Mumba to find solutions that will restore harmony in the party.
Speaking before his departure for Uganda, where he is leading a team of international observers of the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) for the forth-coming elections in that country, Mr Banda said he plans to have talks with Dr Mumba when he returns to discuss restoration of peace within the former ruling party.
Mr Banda said in a statement that calls by President Lungu for reconciliation in the nation and the MMD are justified because of the squabbles the party has been experiencing.
“I am ready together with other senior members of the MMD party to meet with Dr Mumba and his team so that we discuss and come up with a solution that will be harmonious to the concerned groups in our party,” he said.
The former President said that it is necessary for peace to prevail not only in the MMD but the country as well.
“As we head towards Zambia’s general elections soon, let us all be calm, civil, peaceful in our dealings regardless of our political party affiliations and ideologies. Our country continues to need us to remain united and peaceful,” he said.
Meanwhile, a clergyman says a Patriotic Front (PF) and MMD alliance would be unstoppable in the August 11 tripartite elections.
Christ Encounter Church pastor Brendel Philip said in an interview in Lusaka on Friday that President Lungu means well to partner with the MMD ahead of the polls.
Pastor Phillip said President Lungu and MMD leader Nevers Mumba share similar values.
“Both President Lungu and Dr Nevers Mumba are God-fearing people and both promote Christianity. President Lungu has gone a step further by laying a foundation stone for the construction of a house of prayer in Lusaka,” he said.
“Once the two parties (PF and MMD) concretise the alliance, I do not see a re-run on August 11. President Lungu will win with a landslide victory and by this I mean by more than the 50 plus one percent,” he said.
Pastor Phillip said the two parties have experience in governance issues and this puts them at an advantage heading into the elections.
“MMD members have ideas they can share with the PF. MMD was in power for 20 years and the PF has been in power for four years and when you put together the experience of the two parties it works magic,” he said.
Pastor Phillip also urged political parties to conduct violent free campaigns.
He said over the years Zambia’s vibrant democracy has caught the attention of the whole world.

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