Letter to the Editor

Rains causing havoc, floods

Dear editor,
The rains and floods are the topic of discussion all over Zambia at the moment – they cannot be avoided.
The sidewalk drainages are bursting, the potholes are growing under the weight of the downpours and the long-suffering clients of the Lusaka municipality in slums are relieved to be filling containers with God-sent rain instead of relying on the piped water which hardly flows from their taps.
The massive amounts of fresh water, though, have not brought a fresh sparkle to the festive season in Lusaka with ramshackle dwellings collapsing day in, day out.
The farmers who would ordinarily rejoice at the arrival of the rains are furious on the ground and pressed for cash. The Food Reserve Agency, responsible for feeding the nation, has not paid for its maize suppliers for the past four months and owes small-scale farmers who delivered grain four months ago some K600m.
And the political future is not written in print or stone, it is as fluid as the rains. All the best to the competing presidential hopefuls in the political arena.

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