Rainbows, sunsets, Mexican tacos

IN ONE of the pictures the rainbow looked up just in time to observe another rainbow forming. Picture right, revellers dressed as their favourite acts during the Comic Con at the San Diego convention centre. PICTURES: MARGARET CHISANGA

SO MAY very best moment in America happened a day before I was due to leave San Diego, California. Nature played its cards right to create an ‘aha’ moment.
As we walked along the Port of San Diego, towards the USS Midway museum, the sun begun to set, casting golden rays around the ‘Kissing Statue’ aka ‘unconditional surrender’ aka ‘embracing peace’ icon, naturally compelling us to drift towards the enchanting image the rays created as they seemed to bounce of the expanse of the pacific waters and leap around the soldier as he kissed the nurse.
In the company of my adventure-seeking companions, Mateus Borges, Fatou Ndiaye and Ashraf Amin, journalists from Brazil, Senegal and Egypt respectively, we seized the moment, taking as many ‘sun kissed’ pictures as we could.
But nature was not done yet, in one of the pictures we noticed the rainbow, and looked up just in time to observe another rainbow forming. In that minute, I stopped to embrace the moment and say ‘Aha, so this is America’.
To let the double rainbow, golden rays and enchanting aura implant itself permanently in my memory, to be pulled out and remembered in quiet private moments, or maybe told in stories such as this one.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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