Radio clubs take duty bearers to task

MEMBERS of the Voice of Kalomo Luyaba radio listening club during a tour of the mothers’ shelter under construction at Luyaba Rural Health Centre recently. PICTURE: MAURYN BWALYA

ON ANY other day, you would think that community radio listening clubs serve very little or no purpose at all.
But if you visit Luyaba and Jokwe communities in Zimba district, there you will find that, indeed, a vibrant community radio listening club with committed members can play a small, yet important role in turning a community’s fortunes around.
Frank Siluwaile is the chairperson of the 35-member Luyaba Radio Listening Club for the Voice of Kalomo Community Radio station.
Since the 35-member club was set up in February this year, it has been instrumental in not only lobbying Government for essential amenities, but also holding duty-bearers accountable regarding mandate and promises.
How do they do it?
“As members, we meet to listen to, and record the full broadcasts of a radio programme [The People’s Voice], after which we discuss the strengths and weaknesses, review the main lessons communicated and issues that require clarification or follow-up before tackling a different social issue,” says Mr Luwaile.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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