Quality to drive Zambia’s position in AfCFTA

THE African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) ,which will involve the free movement of goods and services across the continent by July next year, has come with lots of expectations and opportunities because for the first time, traders both small and large, will be able to enter any market in Africa with limited barriers.
While the market is being created for every industry and trader operating in Africa, benefits will only be realised if individual players fully utilise the opportunities that will be presented such as increased market population of about 1.29 billion.Realising the benefits of the AfCFTA will entail increasing production and supply, given that the market will be larger unlike currently, where Zambian manufacturers produce mainly for local consumption with low volumes being exported to neighbouring countries.
Importantly, quality and standards will be cardinal because consumers want products that meet their aspirations, and with the stiff competition that will be brought by the continental market, compromising on quality and CLICK TO READ MORE

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