Letter to the Editor

Put social amenities in Meanwood areas

Dear editor,
IT HAS come to our attention that since the inception of Kamwena, Vorna valley and Ndeke as new townships by Meanwood as an agent of Galaunian Farms which was a private land and handed over to Chongwe District Council, no social amenities such as government schools, clinics, and proper markets have been constructed in these areas by the authority.

There has been so many thefts within these townships due to lack of police posts. It should be noted that our children travel long distances to go to schools such as ZAF airport and ZNS. No clinics have been built, as a result, residents travel to ZAF or ZNS to fetch medical services.
Chongwe District Council has only concentrated in collecting property rates which, in most cases are used to pay allowances to councillors and salaries to its staff who are making efforts to bring social amenities.
We therefore urge the district commissioner for Chongwe to come to our aid.
He should ensure all citizens get fair treatment in all areas of social endeavours such as better clinics, police posts, and better markets for residents instead of going to Kaunda Square, Kamanga, and Chelston markets to buy vegetables and preventing our children from travelling long distances to school.
We beg humbly to our district commissioner to look into the above issues. This should be done in collaboration with the Member of Parliament for Chongwe constituency.
Concerned citizen

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