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Pupils abuse Facebook

THE coming of social online media has really contributed to the development of quick access to information which is sometimes not helpful
Facebook is now a popular media among the schoolgoing children as young as 10 years old.
Through facebook, pupils have made friendships with people they know and those they do not know.
In spite of facebook bringing people through interaction and sharing information, our pupils have been abusing the facility. most of them spend more time facebooking at the expense of studying or helping in house chores.
Apart from that, on facebook we have people who have not used their real names and location.
These people will post all sorts of bad things which unfortunately our pupils find pleasing.
Some of the postings by people who hide their real identities include pornography, illicit relationships, and all kind of abusive language.
Therefore, some of the pupils who have the opportunity to be on facebook have been so attached to the same that  they try by all means to use the same bad language posted by facebook crooks.
Some of the pupils are also using names that are not theirs on facebook to attack friends and teachers. Imagine a pupil asking what names you use on your facebook account. Facebook is a very important social media, which if well used with maturity, one tends to learn a lot of good things and at the same time tracing long-time friends and classmates.
It helps share vital information such as bereavements, illnesses and events, faster and cheaply, with friends all over the world.
Facebook should not be abused, especially by the pupils who should reserve their precious time studying and preparing for schoolwork and examinations.
Some pupils doze in the morning lesson not because the teacher is not live but because they may have been facebooking throughout the night.
Some pupils would be heard narrating to friends how they went late to bed because they were chatting on whats up or reading and posting comments.
Now imagine if that time was spent on studying Biology, History or any other subject, will the pupil even bother to look for leakages?
Facebook has made pupils who are addicted to it to become lazy.
Though some mobile service providers provide free facebook, pupils make sure they top up their mobile phones with enough credit to enable them browse on facebook.
This means pupils have to find money by all means or else they will not have access to log in to facebook.
We need to work together as a country to protect our children from the technologies coming up such as facebook.
Let the pupils with internet cellphones use them to research on academic-related work and avoid facebook until they complete senior secondary school education.
I know some people may talk of human rights; it is our responsibility to protect the future generation
Let us all look at what type of people Zambia will have in the year 2064. Together we can do it. Lastly, it is incumbent upon all key players in the education system, including the community, to emphasise the importance of homework in our schools, especially those run by the state.
In most private schools homework is given almost every working day and parents are asked to counter-sign in the home books. We need to work with concerted efforts if we are to change the negative attitude towards homework by pupils, parents and teachers.

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