Letter to the Editor

Punish illegal charcoal traders

Dear editor
THE picture published in the Daily Mail showing two Masaiti residents transporting charcoal on their bicycles is a brilliant piece of photojournalism by Stafrance Zulu.
I wonder if there are any trees left in Masaiti if one looks at the large number of bags of charcoal each bicycle carried.
The photography highlighted the alarming levels of deforestation due to charcoal burning in certain parts of the country.
The Forestry Department should introduce stringent measures to curb indiscriminate cutting of trees such as prosecuting illegal charcoal traders.
The department should also work with stakeholders in sensitising local communities on the importance of protecting their environment, which should include tree planting programmes.
The media, especially the community radio stations, can further play a pivotal role in raising awareness among people on the effects of climate change that is usually caused by deforestation.

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