Provide incentives in renewable energy, State urged

IN the advent of a power deficit, Government has been urged to provide incentives to people intending to venture into the renewable energy sub-sector to mitigate electricity shortfall.
Kalahari GeoEnergy chief executive officer Peter Vivian-Neal said Government should put in place measures that will ensure reliable power supply.
Zambia has over 80 hot springs’ occurrences that can be used for geothermal energy production and biomass potential from municipal and agricultural waste stands at 500 megawatts.
Mr Vivian-Neal said the country has potential to grow the energy sector.
“We have lots of alternatives to help reduce power deficit and one area to explore is with renewable energies such as geothermal, which is a heat energy [from hot springs] and it is the only renewable energy that can be produced anytime of the day and it is predictable since the Earth will not cool down anytime soon.
“But it is difficult to produce and expensive to find,” Mr Vivian-Neal said in an interview recently.
He said Zambia should learn from east African countries that have fully utilised geothermal energy as a reliable source of power.
“We are confident that it will be taken up in Zambia since it is an alternative to reduce ongoing power shortages. However, there are no direct incentives for exploration in geothermal, although there are tax breaks upon commencement of production, so Government should find ways of assisting people trying to venture into this sub-sector,” he said.

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