Letter to the Editor

Provide decent market for Ndeke-Vorna

Dear editor,
WE READ with dismay the attitude exhibited by Meanwood Property Development Corporation in issuing unwarranted warning letters to our women group in Ndeke-Vorna for selling their merchandise at any space left by Meanwood Corporation.
It should be noted that Chongwe District Council and Meanwood Property Development Corporation have failed to help our residents in these two areas to have a decent market for our women.
On February 12, 2019 Meanwood Property Development Corporation circulated letters to our women to stop selling there without allocating an alternative space.
This was done in the presence of our PF ward chairlady in Madido 19.
We wonder as to what our area councillor is doing to help residents in Ndeke-Vorna.
We urge our constituency chairman, ward chairman for Madido 19, the councillor and indeed the management of Chongwe District Council to stop Meanwood Property Development Corporation from taking such action as most women are feeding their children from selling merchandise.
It should be noted that not every resident has means to survive.
The area is a mixed grill of the working class, retirees, loafers, etc.
Let Chongwe District Council and the MP construct a market for our residents.

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