Letter to the Editor

Promote violence-free Roan by-election

Dear editor,
WITHIN 90 days, the electorate in Roan constituency of Luanshya will be voting in a by-election following the declaration of the seat vacant by Speaker of the National Assembly recently.
I am writing to appeal to all political parties and individuals that will take part to have issue-based and violence-free campaigns.
We don’t want any person in the 14 wards of Roan constituency to be injured.
Violence has no place in our constituency.
To would-be contestants, please just tell the voters what you will do for them when elected into office.
On many occasions, President Edgar Lungu has urged people to love one another and be peaceful.
Leaders and elections will come and go but the voters will ever be there living in the communities together.
To the youths, please do not be used as tools of violence. Let them recruit their own biological children and relatives if they want to engage in violence.

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