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Private part pulling wife divorced

A THIRTY-ONE-year-old man of Makeni township has given up his 11-year- old marriage after his wife pulled his private parts during a marital dispute, the Kanyama local court has heard.

Chrispine Ndhlovu told the court it was better to divorce his wife Evelyn Kantonga, 25, of John Laing for fear of his life.
Facts before the court were that the two got married in 2007 and have three children together and bride price was paid.
In his testimony, Ndhlovu told the court that Kantonga also tried to stub him on the same day she pulled his private parts.
“My wife always threatens to commit suicide whenever we have a misunderstanding, she also has no respect for me as her husband.” He said.
Ndhlovu told the court that the couple only lived in harmony for two years after their marriage while the rest of the years have been full of marital disputes.
In his submission, Ndhlovu pleaded with the court to dissolve his marriage and accused Kantonga of refusing to change.
But Kantonga denied the allegations and told the court that problems in her marriage started in September 2016, when her husband started spending nights out and coming home late.
She told the court that since then, Ndhlovu started denying her conjugal rights and started sleeping with clothes on.
“The problem is that my husband does not want to be interrogated whenever he sleeps out or comes home late, he always comes home shaved whenever he sleeps out.” Kantonga said with a sad face.
She pleaded with the court not to dissolve her marriage in her submission because Ndhlovu allegedly destroyed her life and that she has nowhere to go.
In passing judgement magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala sitting with Abbyshine Michelo granted the couple divorce and ordered Ndhlovu to compensate Kantonga with K3,000.


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