Letter to the Editor

Prioritise boreholes in Magoye

Dear editor,
I ATTENDED the Netafim field day in Magoye, Mazabuka, last Thursday and it is clear that farmers are enthusiastic but lack the means to increase their productivity.
The farmers made a passionate appeal to Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale to sink boreholes for them to actualise drip irrigation.
Dr Hamukale told the small-scale farmers that while Government is committed to sinking boreholes, it will prioritise public institutions and farmsteads.
This is an opportunity for the area Member of Parliament and councillors to prioritise sinking of boreholes from the Constituency Development Funds (CDF).
They could use the CDF to also procure irrigation equipment and seeds from seed companies, which farmers could start paying back because they will be productive and will make more money as they will be farming throughout the year.

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