Prince Siame is back


AFTER being quiet for about 12 years, gospel singer Prince Siame is back in the studio working on his third album titled “Prince My Jesus Songs” to be released in January next year.

“My Jesus Songs is a blend of R’n’B and pop sound with a bit of pop in it, but it’s a worship driven kind of project because all my albums they’re all praise and worship driven. So, I’m just trying to bring an R’n’B contemporary sound with pop but then with praise and worship,” he says.
“Most of the songs point to Christ Jesus, so I’m basically singing Christ, just bringing out the Christ in the songs and my experiences with Christ Jesus that’s why it’s called My Jesus Songs.”
Prince says the album was originally scheduled to be released this year but had to be moved to January because of certain setbacks which have however ended being a blessing as he has a United States of American artist Yashra featuring on one of his singles to be released next week.
The song is titled “Destiny” and he is currently shooting a video for it. Part of the video was in the US.
The song is done in English and talks about life situations and how one is meant to go to the top regardless of what one is going through.
Prince said the album will have 18 songs which will include Shine, By the Blood and Heart Like Yours.
He is also working on videos for each song that he will release. About 10 songs will have videos.
The album is being produced by Mutamula Mwale and Geo and has only featured Yashra.
“My inspiration on this album is just my relationship with God, how God relates with me. I’ve been on this Christ walk for quite a bit so it’s how I see God showing love in my life,” he says.
“I lead praise and worship every Sunday in different churches and places where I’m invited, so, I get so much inspiration from the experiences I have in the presence of God during the praise and worship.”
He says the album is an upgrade for him and is more mature with an international standard because his aim is to be on stage with any international artiste and do ministry abroad to a large foreign audience.
Prince released his first album in 2001 titled “Prince Package of Praise” which had songs like Your Love and Ndemilumbanya and later did “Secret Place” in 2005 which had Time to Praise and Saviour of the World.
“I’ve been in the background because I’ve been trying to grow my film company. I’m also a music director in my church I teach train worship leaders,” he says.

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