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Presidents are born, not made, says Kambwili

MINISTER of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili has advised those with presidential ambitions in PF to note that presidents are born and not made.
Mr Kambwili said presidential aspirants will end up with the shock of their lives if they do not succeed.
He said during Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC)’s Sunday Interview programme that if a person was born to be president, they will become one no matter the circumstances.
“Just look at Mwanawasa, he had retired from politics and was doing his own business but because he was born president, he became one. The same applies to the former president,”  Mr  Kambwili said.
The minister said he will not waste time having presidential ambitions because if he was born president, he will become one and that he is currently concentrating on his ministerial job.
“When people understand this, they will never preoccupy themselves with presidential ambitions,” Mr Kambwili said.
And Mr Kambwili said it is government’s responsibility to create an enabling environment for the less privileged to have access to university funds.
Mr Kambwili said the current bursary scheme is not sustainable unless a loan scheme is introduced so that more money can be created for other students.
He maintained that it is not the responsibility of Government to pay for every individual who goes to the University of Zambia (UNZA).
“I do not know why it has taken long for the Ministry of Education to implement the loan scheme, it must quickly look into transforming the bursaries into a loan scheme,” Mr Kambwili said.
He further said the Commonwealth Youth Centre the UNZA is still being used for youth programmes and cannot be handed over to the university.
Mr Kambwili said National Youth Council and Commonwealth staff are still occupying the centre and it cannot be run by the students.
“The facility has never belonged to UNZA and will only be handed over when the Commonwealth no longer has use for it,” he said.

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