Letter to the Editor

President should visit constituencies

Dear editor,
POLITICAL leadership is centred on rendering various services to the electorate. Zambia is not an exception.

There is a common tendency among some of our political leaders who shun visiting their respective constituencies and wards. These leaders include Members of Parliament.
During campaigns, they promise a lot of things regarding development projects in a bid to woo support from the electorate.
After they have garnered enough support and emerged victorious, they stop visiting their constituencies, thereby depriving the electorate of the much-needed development.
President Edgar Lungu made a pronouncement that he would start visiting the constituencies so that he can personally interact with people. Furthermore, this will help the Head of State to assess the performance of the lawmakers in their respective constituencies.
We are tired of these absent lawmakers in our constituencies. Some of them only make themselves available to the electorate during election time.
Having said this, I earnestly appeal to President Lungu to start visiting constituencies. Some of our lawmakers holding ministerial positions give the excuse that they are preoccupied with government tasks. This should not be condoned because we, the electorate, are being taken for granted by our leaders whom we voted into power.

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