Letter to the Editor

President Lungu’s stance against violence commended

Dear editor,
I AM a teacher of political science and lecturer of civic education based in Livingstone.
I would like to commend President Edgar Lungu for taking a serious stance against violence during by-elections.
This is evidenced by the stern warning to would-be perpetrators of electoral violence during by-elections scheduled to take place this month in Bahati and Roan constituencies in Mansa and Luanshya respectively.
Mr President, sir, God bless you and add more years to your life. Long Live President Lungu!
We as Zambians have in the past lost our brothers and sisters through violence that sometimes characterise these by-elections due to the issue of transporting cadres from various towns to other towns causing confusion.
I am urging all political players to sensitise their supporters to end violence through free and fair elections and emulate the President, who has a zero tolerance towards electoral violence.
I am also commending and congratulating our Minister of General Education David Mabumba on working extra hard and ensuring that school fees are reduced in all government schools, both day and boarding schools.
Sir, keep it up and God bless you. I wish you long life as well.
I have liked your good spirit together with the Ministry of Education under the PF government.
I thank you for your hard work, President Lungu and Honourable Mabumba

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