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President Lungu’s remarks elate North-Western Province youths

YOUTHS in North-Western Province are elated at President Lungu’s desire to improve the education and health care services for the young people in the country.
Speaking on behalf of other youths, Bruce Musonda, 39, of Solwezi said in an interview that the youth are confident that President Lungu’s administration will deliver on its promises.
Recently, the head of State said in his inaugural speech that Government will in the next five years deliver prosperity to all Zambians, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society.
“The majority of our people are predominantly youths and it is my desire to harness the potential we see in them to spur development for our country. The youth need education and skills and proper health care system,” President Lungu said in the speech.
Meanwhile, Mr Musonda said Government should establish youth resource centres countrywide to empower youths with entrepreneurial skills.
He said Government alone cannot afford to employ the majority of the unemployed youths, hence the need for entrepreneurial skills.
“It is very possible that we can stop importing certain goods such as furniture and clothes once our youths are skilled with knowledge of how to make them. We can start buying local products and this will subsequently create employment,” Mr Musonda said.
He said President Lungu’s administration has shown commitment to ending poverty through the ongoing youth empowerment funds being given to the youth.
Mr Musonda, however, said it is important that the beneficiaries pay back the loans so that other youths can also benefit.
He said once the youth are empowered, especially girls, the levels of child and forced marriages will reduce.
Mr Musonda said poverty and lack of employment have been the major contributing factors to early marriages and unwanted pregnancies.

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