Letter to the Editor

President Lungu hard stance against illegal land allocation commendable

Dear editor,
PRESIDENT Lungu deserves commendation for his hard stance against illegal land allocation. It is quite pleasing to note that President Lungu has not traded his desire for orderly development with political expediency which led to the mushrooming of shanty townships.
It all started with UNIP allowing vigilantes to parcel out land instead of councils or the Commissioner of Lands performing their competent roles. Today, we have Kanyama, Chawama, Linda, Zingalume, Mandevu, Chipata, John Laing, Bauleni etc. Please, these are more than enough. We should not allow further development of slums.
It is our sincere hope that Lands Minister Jean Kapata will complement the President’s stance against illegal land allocation.
This not only the potential to derail service delivery but also to create havens for crime (Chibolya is an example) and to create an impression of lawlessness which scares away investors.
It is against this background that I implore the government to move in on a certain businessman who has been using the President’s name to grab people’s plots in Lusaka’s Silverest area.
The businessman has reportedly been putting up caretakers’ houses in about 30 undeveloped plots in the area. A few genuine owners have managed to get back their land while others are still struggling to do so.
What is unsettling is that this businessman has been masquerading as someone very close to the President in order to advance his mischief.
Please come to the help of the ordinary Zambians whose empowerment with land is at the risk of being revoked by selfish people like this businessman.
Concerned resident

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