President happy with Veep, press aide, Cabinet

PRESIDENT Lungu has described Cabinet and his press aide Amos Chanda as a great team put in place to push the country’s development agenda.
He has also said that he is proud of Vice-President Inonge Wina and is confident that she is up to the added responsibility of Minister of Planning.
President Lungu said contrary to perceptions that he is afraid of holding press conferences to address the challenges being experienced in the country, he has a competent team of men and women in place to push the development agenda.
Speaking in Lusaka yesterday during a HOT FM 10th anniversary special breakfast show, President Lungu said his able team for all sectors will help him transform Zambia into a better country.
“Some people complain that they don’t want to hear Amos Chanda’s voice because they want to hear me address them instead. What is Amos Chanda there for, what is the minister of information there for? I am not afraid of holding a press conference. I have a team, I am not alone. Everyone has a role to play in the governance system.
“I have a press assistant whose job is to do what he is doing and he is doing a great job, I must say. I am working with a team in all sectors; ministers, technocrats. You want the President to be talking about everything when I have ministers? I am the supervisor, I am simply providing supervision. I delegate to my ministers and I supervise them and they deliver,” the President said.
And President Lungu said he would not be pressured into firing any of his ministers and members of staff without cause.
He said he reprimands the ministers and his staff if he is not happy with something. He said he can fire and reshuffle the ministers but that it has to be with the intention to bring out the best in the majority of Zambians.
“I might not sack but I will sack if there is a good reason; these are people who have been working and they listen to me so why should I sack someone just because someone thinks it is stylish for political leaders or to show that one is boss. So far so good, they are working,” he said.
He said he has allowed the Anti-Corruption Commission to do its job without interference, but when need be he has asked the commission to probe specific cases.
On Mrs Wina, President Lungu said that the Vice-President is equal to the task and that her added responsibility would not burden her as she would be able to deliver.
“The Vice-President has leverage over other ministries. She can do with added responsibilities. I am proud of my Vice-President; she has the wisdom and has been around for a long time. I will soon appoint a competent team to work with her,” he said.


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